With the up-coming visit of Tropical Storm KARL, we would like to share with you two PDF files that you can print in order to aid you in your storm preparations:

  1. BF&M’s Shark Oil Hurricane Prep Check List
  2. Argus Hurricane Prep Check List

With the onset of this storm warning, evacuation of the marina has commenced in Dockyard. Please be cognizant of this and follow the signage carefully to ensure your safety and the safety of the boats being stored throughout Dockyard.

Be sure to monitor all window unit air-conditioners and ensure that all your personal possessions are safely and securely stored away. Don’t forget to ensure all garbage is safely stored immediately prior to any storm.

Please have a look at the following websites for helpful information on storm tracking and severity rating:

  1. www.weather.bm
  2. www.nhc.noaa.gov
  3. www.sharkoil.bm

We will also post updates as they pertain to the west end here on our website.

Initiate your storm preparation plans and stay safe!