Eugene Smith has already seen at first hand the benefits of the America’s Cup — his son has taken part in his first sailing lessons.

Mr Smith, a plumber with the West End Development Corporation, said his son, 13-year-old Nas, a pupil at Spice Valley Middle School, had taken part in the Endeavour programme, the America’s Cup youth sailing scheme.

“I encouraged him to do it,” said Mr Smith. “It’s a great scheme and I wanted to encourage Nas to do more sailing. It’s a really good sport and the Endeavour programme is doing something for the young people in Bermuda.”

As a plumber, he is busy making sure all the water at Dockyard is running properly, but he has an eye on the future.

“The America’s Cup is going to be really good for Bermuda. It is something new to see and it is exciting to watch,” he said.

“It’s going to bring a huge number of people to Bermuda and put the island at the centre of the world’s attention. Bermuda will be the sailing capital of the world while the America’s Cup is here.”

Mr Smith added: “The America’s Cup will definitely benefit Bermuda. Perhaps people do not see it yet, but it’s going to be massive for us.”

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