When Calvin Steede’s 12-year-old son, Calvin Jr, went sailing he talked about it for two weeks, he was so excited.

So, Calvin Sr understands how the America’s Cup has the potential to really excite the whole island.

“It will also showcase the beauty of Bermuda,” he said. “And I am sure people will want to come here and those that come here for the America’s Cup will also want to come back.”

A Finish Carpenter for the West End Development Corporation, Calvin is working extra hours getting the area ready for the event, so he is benefiting directly as a result of the America’s Cup.

“We are working on the renovations and Dockyard is going to look fantastic. The whole event is going to give Bermuda so much exposure, I am sure it will be good for everyone.”

Read this article on the Royal Gazette here: http://www.royalgazette.com/general-information/article/20161224/steede-cup-will-showcase-bermudas-beauty