North Basin Building #28, #4 Maritime Lane, Dockyard MA01

West End Development Corporation invites interested parties to submit bids for Proposed Roof Replacement, North Basin Building #28, #4 Maritime Lanes, Dockyard, Sandy’s.

The tender documents will be available for collection by qualified contractors on 1st day of December 2016, and submissions are to be received by WEDCo. on or before the 16th day of December 2016.

All contractors interested in submitting a tender must attend the mandatory site visit. Information pertaining to the date/time of the site visit is included in the tender package. WEDCo. proposes to be in a position to notify the successful company (if any) on or about or before the 20th day of December 2016.

Interested parties should forward their proposals in writing marked “Private & Confidential” to Mrs. Carmen Tucker, Facilities Manager, West End Development Corporation, P.O. Box MA 415, Mangrove Bay, Sandy’s MA BX, Bermuda or deliver it to the West End Development Corporation offices in the upper level of the Clocktower Building in the Royal Naval Dockyard, Ireland Island, Sandy’s on weekdays between 8.30am to 4.00pm.