Artist Lisa-Anne Rego proudly smiles as she shows off her painting, The Chase, which will soon be followed by its sequel, The Flight.

Rego is an America’s Cup official licensee and her gallery in the Mall, at Royal Naval Dockyard, is adorned with her AC artwork and local sailing studies in giclée format.

In March she will have an official launch of her America’s Cup images at the AC shop, on Front Street, and in April she will expand her gallery to mark her tenth anniversary at Dockyard.

“It feels like divine orchestration — my tenth anniversary at Dockyard within four weeks of the America’s Cup arrival. Both the new artwork and gallery space will bring about a wonderful feeling of celebration,” Rego said.

“The addition of tens of thousands of visitors with high spending power will benefit all parts of our economy.

“Long-term, it [the America’s Cup] puts Bermuda on the map and if Oracle Team USA wins, there is a possibility that the America’s Cup will come back to Bermuda.

“I am sure that, looking back, historians will give Bermuda a lot of tributes.”

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