Eddie Williams’s sailing experience was short-lived.

“The wind stopped and I had to be brought back to shore by a speed boat,” he said.

It does not mean, though, that he cannot see how schemes such as the Endeavour programme are helping the young people of Bermuda.

Nor does it stop the Working Foreman at Wedco from appreciating how important the America’s Cup is to both the place he works and to the island.

“I have worked at Dockyard for 24 years and it is making me so proud to see the impact that the America’s Cup is having and in such a positive way,” Williams said.

He said he sees the America’s Cup sailors and staff “who take time out to talk to us”.

Through his job, Williams and his team of landscapers are putting in even greater efforts into making sure Royal Naval Dockyard looks fantastic.

“It’s great for overtime,” he said. “We are determined to make sure Dockyard shines when it is on the world stage.”

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