For electrician Patrick Pedro, the America’s Cup is all about getting Bermuda exposure on an international stage.

It might also be a little about the overtime he’s getting for working extra hours to get the Royal Naval Dockyard looking spick and span for when tens of thousands of people descend on the area next year.

“The America’s Cup will put us right out there, letting people know about the island’s beauty.

“We’ll be on a world stage, it’s going to be amazing,” said Pedro, who works for the West End Development Corporation.

With the America’s Cup Village at Dockyard, the area is going to be at the centre of the month-long event and like many of his colleagues, Pedro is putting in extra hours to make sure all the renovations are done and that everything is ready.

“It will look great,” he said. “We are all working hard to make sure Dockyard looks fantastic for the cameras as well as the thousands of people who will be here.

“We are working overtime and, for us, that is a very nice side-effect of the America’s Cup.”

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