He’s got a head for figures and the sums stack up for Dane Benjamin, who is sure Bermuda is onto a good thing with the America’s Cup.

Benjamin, who works in the finance department at West End Development Corporation, said: “I am just grateful that the island has an opportunity to host an event of this magnitude.”

“It will be great for our economy as a whole. I think this will be the start of something big with more events to come. I am feeling very confident about Bermuda’s future.”

Benjamin was one of the many volunteers who helped to make the Foil Fest event of June this year such a success.

“It was encouraging to see the number of people that came out to support the event,” he said. “I’m not into sailing, but I do watch the America’s Cup teams while they are training in the Great Sound, sailing across my house. It’s incredible to see how fast those boats can move.

“I would probably be out there on the water also if I owned a boat. It makes me want to buy a boat!”

Read this article on Royal Gazette here: http://www.royalgazette.com/general-information/article/20161231/benjamins-sure-cup-is-worthwhile